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Thank you to everyone who bought a shirt: you’re awesome. Please press Like and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Be serious.

Get out of here! I’m using Roman numerals! I’m a small business owner!

I flat-out hate you.

Because you’re a hater. You are envious of my success.

Yes. That’s it.

I continue: beyond the obvious financial consideration, I consider this the first step in leaking the world of the semi-fictional into reality, and those that purchased a shirt my messengers.

So creepy.


No, I’m you.


You honestly forget sometimes, don’t you.

Not often, but: yeah.

It’s too late for you.

Sure. But the fact remains that I am an entrepreneur.


I asked for some help in design; I got some and thanks it to be offered there, as well. (As always: I am assuming that the kind Enthusiasts wish to remain anonymous, but if they don’t, then speak up or send me angry e-mails.) The same pattern was followed as when I migrated the site: someone did it for me.

From here in, though, I will do my own work: I have found a decent program (the kids call them “apps”) and most of what I want to do doesn’t reach the level of art, which is good because I am not good at art. In sixth grad, I drew a pair of pliers. I used pencil, and the paper was quite large. It took a while, but the pliers looked like pliers: like, exactly. There was no question about it. I considered that a win and never drew anything competently ever again.

But I think I can figure out how to jam some bullshit in a Stealie.


I will not just jam some bullshit in a Stealie.


If our relationship is a friendship, Enthusiasts, then it can certainly–and easily–be spoiled by money. Thoughts on the Dead is not a store, and will not be pushing volume bullshit at you. Cheap and shitty Dead shirts can be purchased for less than Teespring allows at many locations, and you’re free to get them there.


I have ended the campaign for the Route 77 sign shirt, and here’s why: Teespring has good reviews as far as quality and delivery go, but I’d rather hear from you. They should get to you soon, and then you’ll give me the verdict. (The Wall of Sound for President ’16 shirt is still available for purchase. I know I said it was going to stop being sold, but I made it fairly clear that I was lying, so I don’t feel bad.)

Also, the shirt sucked.


BUT, the design works beautifully as a sticker.

route 77 sticker

Want one? Maybe one for your computer, and one for your guitar case? Huh? Huh? Is nice? You buy now, also take daughter. Five sticker, two daughter!

I’m not going to speak to you again.

Thank God.


The shirts, however, will wait until reports are in as to quality; also, a common theme of responses to the offering of a new product was “I would like to buy another frivolous in-joke from you, but I would also like to feed my children.” Perhaps every week is not the optimal schedule.


Roman numerals are stupid: how do you long division with this nonsense? Sandal-wearing mutants.


  1. What’s a guy gotta do to post a photo around here?

  2. Robin Russell

    May 23, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    I think you use that “Browse” thing below the text box. It is not as easy as in the previous golden era of ToTD, and the site software will crop your pic arbitrarily.

    Here is a test:

  3. Robin Russell

    May 23, 2016 at 8:58 pm

    In the case of my test the following unhelpful phenomena occurred:

    (a) The picture appears above my text, when I hoped it would appear below

    (b) The picture only appears when you hit the “post comment” button, leaving no inkling of what is about to happen

    (c) The ToTD AI photo cropper decided to eliminate the context but preserve the content of the roadside sign picture used for experimental purposes, which is either designed to get ToTD pilgrims to use their imagination, or overcome their rage, or learn to live with frustration.

    • Robin,

      You can resize your image to a max dimension of 240px. You crop so the blogware does not.


      The same way you changed max image size to 240px, you might be able to go 480 without breaking any aesthetic rules.

      You might be able to turn off cropping completely. In that case I would think the browser would scale them to fit in an appropriate way.

      It was I who advised you how to go up to 240px, using some search you should be able to find that comment.


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