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Funny Money

phil laughingHey, Phil. You see the article in Billboard?

I’ll take the maniacal laughter as a “yes.”


  1. The Grateful Dead, in their way, defined the rock market that was to come, even if people didn’t always notice it. Clearly, they have done it again. This is the way to both rake in the chips one last time, full stop, and make sure that feuding band members never have to pretend to answer the questions again.

    Who’s next? I’d like to lay some markers down. We can talk about it every summer, and I’ll point out this comment. Here’s my predictions:

    1. Led Zeppelin: a week in Giants Stadium (whatever its now called) and a week in London

    2. Pink Floyd: same. Maybe Philadelphia, for a change of pace, but the Dark Side Of The Moon will be last seen in London

    3. Journey: 3 days at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Yes of course Journey sucks massively–have I mentioned the time I saw them open for Dave Mason?–but people are crazy about them, they are more popular than ever, and the band members have very bitter feuds, based around money. It spells Fare Thee Well.

  2. LULZ Phils O Face on the big screen

  3. Sir Luther Von Baconson

    July 24, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    get some emollients on that neck phil, you Old Terrapin you

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