pigpen chair bw19690110_0336.original
Hey, Pig.

“Dontchoo ‘hey Pig’ me, Mister Man. We know each other?”

Aw, c’mon, Pig. Things are crazy.

“You haven’t been around to visit your ol’ friend Pig in a coon’s age.”

I’m sorry, man. Also, if you refrain from ever saying “coon” again, we’d all appreciate it.

“What’s got you all occupied lately.”

The internet is full of rumors about the livestream.

“You keep talkin’ voodoo at me and I’ll shoot you with my pistol. Tell the Pig what’s happenin’ back there in that world o’ sorrow.”

It’s the Dead’s 50th anniversary, buddy. Big show, lots of hoopla.

“50 years?”


“Shit, I’ve been dead a long goddam time. What else happened after I died? We win Vietnam?”

Yeah, sure.