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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Garcia, Breaker Of Horses

jerry horse color

Little known fact: Garcia put himself through cosmetology school with his winnings from the track. (He had a system.)


  1. In 1969 the Grateful Dead were going to be in a movie called Zachariah, which was pitched as “The First Electric Western.” They were going to play a gang of outlaws. However, they had to learn to ride horses, so they went to Mickey’s ranch to learn.

    According to Rosie McGee’s book, Garcia had trouble getting on his horse and the horse kicked him. Garcia didn’t want to ride horses anymore, so the Dead did not participate in Zachariah. The movie was released in 1971, and Country Joe And The Fish played the gang of outlaws. The James Gang (with Joe Walsh) also made an appearance.

    Best musical moment was when the protagonists come upon Elvin Jones playing a drum solo out in the desert. I realize none of this seems to make any sense, but that’s what the movie is like.

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