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Garcia The Kind

jerry randos thumbs up

On the Third Day of Jerry, we remember Garcia’s benevolence towards randos. He could have had Parish body slam so many more than he did, and for this we recall his kindness. Yes, Garcia was a friend towards all randos he could not avoid, and when he was not in a pissy mood, or late, or hungry, or he just didn’t like the rando’s face.

Also: is this some sort of band? It looks like a terrible British ska band, which is to say any British ska band.


  1. is that not the pop-o-pies?

  2. Call me blasphemous, but when I was young I kinda liked their Truckin’.

    • I actually saw the Pop-O-Pies. Long story. Someday I will write my typical 5000 words

      • I will gladly read that. It was on a mixed tape that a friend of mine gave me in the early eighties? Obviously taped straight off the radio because it was missing the first 10 seconds and the college D.J chiming in at the end.

  3. Poor Jerry..

    Shopping.. randos
    walking … randos
    museum… randos
    back yard.. randos
    everywhere randos

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