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Georgia Is Awful And I Hate It 




  2. chicago is east not south

  3. yew-all ain’t from around hee-ya now, are yew?

  4. “Related:

    Can’t Live With ‘Em…In “bill kreutzmann”

    Old School

    Watkins Again In “dickey betts”” ….

    WordPress gets it.

  5. If you pass by the south/north Carolina area, can you stop at South of the Border and pick us up some cherry bombs and bottle rockets?

  6. Not a true confederate if your Plantation Bldg is painted only 75% white….

  7. Morning Douche

    July 2, 2015 at 2:17 pm

    I toldya ya’ll shouldda flewn.

  8. Morning Douche

    July 2, 2015 at 2:36 pm

    Here is something good that happened in Georgia that might be of use to you…

  9. Hope you didn’t run into Buford.T.Justice…….

  10. He’s gone……..

  11. I take it you’re not driving. Good choice. Does this mean Mickey drove down to pick you up? His SC gloves would make a little more sense then.

    After SC, I started to think maybe I was over the GD and should take a break for other music. Then read a late 80s interview with Healy, listened to a few minutes of a March 1990 Queen Jane (the sound….the fuckin’ SOUND), and just figured it’s better not to put boundaries on any of it.

  12. Unconfirmed but heard that tonites soundcheck had some faceless / nameless saxy moments.
    Branford where art thou my brother?

    What was played

    Box Of Rain
    Music Never Stopped jam
    Crazy Fingers (Trey)
    Mason’s Children (Phil)
    New Potato Caboose (Phil)
    Let It Grow
    Help On The Way (Trey)

  13. I’m on the verge of a very huge emotional breakdown because of this fucking band that ruined my life!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ambrose Bierce

  15. I hope a band of Georgia Crackers has not discovered the “outside agitator” driving through their midst.

  16. Georgia is fine and doesn’t hate you.

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