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Get It Straight

If your record review contains the word “hetero-normative,” I’m not reading your record review.


  1. Dude I like to identify myself as progressive as fuck and super liberal but this tumblr social justice stuff is going way too far

    • I think hetero-normativity is real in many places but the majority of people who use the word do not know what it means

    • Once again Maggie, please translate for us old folk…..

      • And hurry it up, Matlock is coming on


        Tumblr=social blogging website, mostly hilarious memes and stupid people who are clearly on drugs

        Hetero-normativity=the idea that heterosexual activities are the only normal and acceptable ones in society. (LGBT ally over here. My best friend is insanely homosexual. We believe a little more representation of gay and trans people would be pretty swell, although it doesn’t bother me greatly because I don’t pay too much attention to the media and TV and stuff.)

      • That was helpful, Toronto is gearing up for pride week, it’s hucking fuge here.

      • Also, social justice you probably understand. I believe social justice is important and necessary in our society. So long as people are living their lives harm-free (against themselves, and others/the environment) people should be treated well and given opportunities and justice (not equality, but justice. They’re two different concepts). However, there is a sub-group of self-identified “social justice warriors” who make up many different kinds of sexualities and diagnose themselves with autism and can be vegan/anti-vaxxers and are basically playing in the “oppression Olympics” to see who is hurt more in society. Truth be told, they’re making most of the oppression up. (Look up “thin privilege.”)

        Now I still hold the belief that diversity is excellent and acceptance is amazing and necessary. But when you get offended by every single thing that a person says, which is what extremist social justice warriors do, there is a bad problem, and it needs to stop.

      • Oh that’s cool! I almost went with my best friend to a big pride parade here but I couldn’t go as I was making my Catholic confirmation the next day and wanted to be well-rested. (Ironic, right? I’m an agnostic, though.)

      • My wife went to UoT,Canadas home of the oppression Olympics. But also home to Glen Gould, Robertson Davies, and Marshall McLean.

      • Marshall mcluhan my bad, Marshall McLean was the dude i bought shoots off

      • Shrooms, how do i get rid of auto correct on this thing?

      • Very nice. I take it she’s not an oppression Olympian herself, though.

        Hope Toronto has a great time 🙂

        Also, even though your question about auto-correct may have been rhetorical: if you go under settings on your phone, then scroll down to “general,” and select “keyboard” you will be able to scroll down a little bit and turn off the auto-correction. I personally enjoy having it on because I’m a really fast typer and make mistakes. But I definitely get annoyed by it sometimes too!

    • Kate is an eternal optimist with a quick wit and a world class wink. I’m a lucky man.

    • Happy confirmation Maggie. I was raised catholic myself but haven’t been to church in 40 years. I’m agnostic, which if we’re being honest, is basically atheist with a Back-Up Plan.

  2. That’ll show ’em! You are so principled, I’m awed.

  3. I am about to google this new term, why do you have to introduce new terms into my life, can we keep it focused around Daisy, Luke and Bo, or Jerry Phil and Cthulu.. these are things I do not need to look up.

  4. Okay I get it now,

    Was that word first used in a dissertation?

    Can hardly get a PHD nowadays without creating a word or two.

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