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Getting In The Swing Of Things

IMG_1886Immediately after this picture was taken, Phil snapped the neck of the fan he was posing with.



“Why did you do that? What…what…what the fuck?”

“Walton’s been snapping necks left and right and people want to elect him pope!”

“Benjy! He killed Benjy!”


“And those fucking bears!”


“That guy had a family!”

“You can’t be sure of that.”

“They’re standing right over there. Watched the whole thing.”

“That’s unfortunate.”


“Ah, well: check the back of your ticket. That’s a force majuere if I ever saw one.”

“Pretty sure that was an act of man.”

“For the lawyers to worry about now. Have this guy’s liver brought to my dressing room.”

“No one else wants a picture with Phil?”


“I’m good.”

“That’s all right, Phil.”


  1. Phillip Chapman Lesh is my father

  2. The guy in the left background is Robbie Taylot, longtime Dead roadie and tougher now at over-70 than all the rest of you combined.

    His eyebrows alone could kick your ass.

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