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Ghost Dead

jerry brent crutch rando

“Ya gotta see it, man.”

“Bobby looks like you?”

“Same kinda gestalt: not, like, a spitting image or anything.”

“Okay. Who’s you?”

“Kid. Pretty little fucker.”

“So…he’s the Bobby?”

“No, he’s the Garcia. Well, huh: maybe he’s kinda the Bobby, too. Good point, you may have something there.”

“Drummers the same?”


“Makes sense.”

“How’s Phil?”


“Makes sense.”

“President’s black in 2015; why not Phil?”


“How do I look, Jer?”


“Do I get fat?”

“Brent, we’re both long dead in 2015. You will have had died in 1990; I go in ’95.”

“Did you not know that?”



“Brent, calm down.”




  1. Also – Did Billy kick Bralove in the knee or something?

  2. I like to see Brent here..

    As they would say in the 80’s

    Brent Rulz.


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