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Goin’ Home

hottie aviatorsYou look like fun.

“I’m up for stuff.”

Totally. You have a jaw which is square and sharp, and aviators.

“Don’t forget the freckled chest.”

As if I could. Where does objectivity exist?

“In the lesser mathematics, and graveyards. That which exists outside of language, which is subjective at its core and without the ability to define axioms without self-reference.”

So Gõdel was right?


Nicely done.

“I’ve got five advanced degrees in semantics.”

Five? You sound obsessed.

“Yes. I’m always up for semantics.”

I love you.

“Of course.”

Let’s get married.

“Common law?”

The commonest.

“For my bouquet, I’ll chuck this lady’s water bottle at someone’s head.”

It’s a cozy.

“Noted. Let me just tell my friend what’s happening.”

Friend? Just a friend? Not a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, fire demon, or living log flume?

“Just a friend.”


“Heather?”flying rando“RANDO JESUS HAS CALLED ME HOME!”

“She’s got a ride.”

Great. Let’s go be happy ever after. Do you have any money?

“So much. Almost too much.”

Not possible.

“I know, I was kidding.”


  1. guys can we please all find TotD a girlfriend lets do it

  2. This is solid work, amigo.

  3. that last photo and caption made me choke on my apple.

  4. You paid your dues, you tried some riffs that did not work, you hit some bad notes, you had some consistent Grade A work, and a few misses, but never satisfied, — or perhaps just OCD — you kept at it.

    And then that one fateful day this happens.
    Absolutely the best work of the lady + other theme.

    When Dick or Dave of the future is making his picks from the blog archive. This will be certainly a dick that gets picked.


  5. I suddenly have an urge to squeeze things

  6. Luther Von Baconson

    September 2, 2016 at 11:39 am

    ToTD & Betty back in the day. The Subject was Raspberries.

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