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Going Once

Jerry Garcia’s black pocket T shirt from last Grateful Dead show @ Soldier Field July 9, 1995 presented to a close personal friend after leaving the venue with certification from an irrefutable source.

Estimate: $ (PRICELESS)

And in the end, their stuff will be hacked off to shitheads with Daddy’s money. Peddled by a third-rate auction house that needs to clear all of this hippie bullshit out the warehouse to set up for the next hoarder sale.*

No British accents, thick and glossy catalogues, and oak bidding paddles for the crap Parish (this is almost certainly Parish) needs to get out of his garage before he moves to Florida. And if the auction house seems more like an auction apartment, then so be it: Christie’s and Sotheby’s passed.

But he deserved better than that description, didn’t he? Nothing has screamed “written by an intern” more: the misplaced modifier, the phrase “close personal friend,” that fucking at sign. She had a hundred of these to do before lunch or Mr. Donley would yell.


*Clicking on the Directions page of the Donley Auctions website will leave you with the knowledge that there is also a Donley Wild West Town, which is a fact I will allow to stand there, naked but for your judgment.


  1. What happened to the “Soldier Field” dancing bear shorts Jer was wearing — I’ve long suspected them to be the true cause of death.

  2. Thats nasty!

  3. Bleh, I got a sick feeling from “Browsing the Collection” – like being at a wake, but the deceased isn’t quite dead yet.

  4. ….this article of clothing, some say it is black, but if one looks close enough (w/ cloths pin affixed to nose) one will see that it is actually tie-dyed persian brown….

  5. Disaster Amnesiac

    March 11, 2015 at 9:47 am

    $35,000 for half of a cheap practice kit? Is this site a joke?

  6. who knew Jerry loved powdered donuts so much?

  7. “…presented to a close personal friend after leaving the venue.”Unless it’s accompanied by the words “Here, Parrish, take care of the laundry,” I cannot imagine any other circumstance in which Garcia gives a “close presonal friend” his clothes after a gig. This is some seriously sad, sad, shit.

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