For a band so heavily associated with the left, the Dead had a complicated and at times shaky relationship with environmentalism. Right off the bat, there was Brent’s whaling. Even the Japanese distanced themselves from it after they saw Brent’s methods, which involved stripping to his waist, sacrificing a war-bride, and just hurling himself off the boat like a crazy person to slide down the whale’s gullet and kill it from the inside.

Brent would burst forth from the blubber, having cut himself free with the knife he made out of his father’s bones. “TO THE OIL OF THE BEAST!” he would wail as he took a bit from the beast’s heart. The rest of the crew pretended to be into it, but it was just objectively unsettling.

Also, Mickey used to throw his empty styrofoam containers out the car window, but I think you have to view the shit Brent did as worse.

Bobby mostly went along with the nature thing, but he never became a vegetarian and was given to asking, out loud and at dinner parties, “Why are baby animals always the tastiest?” until Phil had a talk with him about indoor thoughts and outdoor thoughts.