10/12/77 from Manor Downs  (whatever that means) in Texas, which is a state that enjoys the fuck out of itself, tell you what.

We’ve got a rare ’77 He’s Gone. There might be a reason for its scarcity this year; there’s a definite Rashomon thing going on: everyone’s got their own version of the song and they’re sticking with it. Also, their facial expressions are very stylized.

And listen to Garcia play real quiet-like on Black Peter. Real quiet-like Garcia? That’s some good Garcia.

PLUS the only 1977 Nobody’s Fault (marred slightly by an AUD patch up front), and it’s a unique one: Billy and Mickey are playing some mutant version of the Purdy shuffle, Keith thinks they’re doing Not Fade Away, and no one can remember the second verse, so they say ‘fuck it’ and play Iko Iko too slowly.