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Got To Make The Shakedown Last

Second set has started in Greensboro and against all odds, it has gotten even slower.


  1. Did John get demoted from singing Scarlet ?

    He sang it in DC I think, or says he did,

  2. I’m beginning to think even Billys blow is futile

  3. Don’t you push me baby, cause I’m playin slow…

    • I may have had a root canal that was faster than that Shakedown. Crowd was a little weird, too. May have been the overly visible security? There were definite flashes of SOMETHING, tho. Bobby bobbied pretty hard, and they seem to really like playing together, so I’ll give it a B+ for effort. I was pleasantly surprised. The way all the songs kinda stop before the next one starts is unsettling. They just noodle for a while on the intro anyway, so why do their hands stop making the sounds??

  4. If anyone wants to listen a Dave Nelson Band live stream, the second set just started.

    Now whos got the link to the Rousey fight?

  5. Maybe you had too much too fast.

  6. Anyone know which GD muckraker came up with the cheesy – “Shake it down….shake it down now ” – line in Shakedown?

    I know its been this way for many post-Jerome years, but who’s the original culprit?

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