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Grateful Dead: Generations

Some things are funny; others make you smile. This is the latter.

Our man Phil showed up at his hash house for Super Bowl Sunday brunch and harmonized with his son with his grandkid in his arms. If the smile he and Grahame share around 2:15 doesn’t brighten your day, then I can’t help you, man.

All happiness is bittersweet, though, isn’t it? Baby Levon might by now more rightly be called Toddler Levon. Although, to his credit, he has maintained his position on fucks, i.e., he has none to give.

“Okay, I go with Grandma now.

“We’re in the middle of Ripple, Baby Levon.”

“Right. Okay. Grandma now.”

“It’s a short song, buddy.”

“A short song? Grampa, you weren’t in The Ramones: your idea of a “short song” is anything under 30 minutes.”


“Goo goo ga ga.”

“I thought so.”

“But, still: Grandma now.”



  1. Grampa Kilowatt, if you read this…that’s a good look for you, my man. We’re all happy for ya out here

  2. is that jill? she looks younger than i expected!

  3. Is it the toddler in arms effect, or does Phil sound better singing in a quiet room in a quiet situation singing a quiet song?

  4. That deserves a Mavis Staples “Beautiful”.

  5. Cool!! I wish phil would write a song before it’s too late.

  6. Just wanted to Congratulate a friend for living out his dream. The Gentleman on keys is Scott Gubermam a really nice guy and a hell of a player. I used to jam with him at Theo’s blues and BBQ in downtown Springfield Ma. Years ago when he was the house keys player for Wednesday open mic nights. Couple years back him and his girl moved out to the bay area and now he is playing with Phil Lesh! Couldn’t be more proud of the guy. Keep up the good work Scott and kudos to you for having the balls to move across the country and chase your dream. It would be ballsy for a kid to make that move, never mind a grown man. Brings a smile to my face every time I see a clip of him jamming with one of his heroes.

  7. The big question is why hasn’t Levon’s dad Brian been seen at Terrapin in more than a year

  8. Did I just quote PhilZone? God help me.

  9. Oh and I should probably thank Mr TotD as well since he just was kind enough to allow my shameless plug of an old acquaintance. I have lurked without commenting for quite some time, anonymously enjoying the madness. Before finding this blog I thought appetite for the kind of irreverant and often insensitive and raw dead related humor that you find here was limited to a very small segment of enthusiasts(hard core dead dorks like myself) and certainly never thought it would birth such a brilliant and popular vehicle as TotD. No sucking up intended, just giving credit where it’s due. When I discovered a blog containing semi fictional ramblings from my favorite crazy musicians and their fellow travellers(and also John Mayer), a personified Wall of Sound, The Lee Family, and all the other crazy shit here I was amazed that such a thing existed. It’s the only blog I have ever read regularly, or even semi regularly. This is some of the funniest and most enjoyable material I have ever read. Went all the way back to the beginning when I discovered it last year, caught up, and have followed since. For an obsessive dead fan who is sane enough to admire The Grateful Dead without succumbing to mindless hero worship, this blog is a joy. Thanks for making all this crazy shit up Mr TotD, you have made me literally laugh out loud on many occassions, and that is no small feat. Please keep this blog going, a lot of people depend on it to fill their daily laughter quota. And keep showing clips of Scott, the guy has the chops AND the beard to earn his keep at Terrapin.

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