Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Grateful Ned

Obsession recognizes genius first. Those that are good will see great coming from a distance. Salieri is the first to bow to Mozart.

And I must admit to my status as the F. Murray Abraham in the relationship between TotD and NedBase. A work of breathtaking specificity and (seemingly) impeccable research, NedBase is the scholarly home of the Lagin Chair in the Study of Neducation.

Y’know what: fuck my silly jokes. Go find out when Ned’s parents met Garcia. (Hint: Dark Star>Spanish Jam>U.S. Blues.)


  1. I never asked him about the particular performance but we did listen and talk about the 2-18-71 DS>WR>DS that he also played on even if you can’t really hear him.

    • Actually, I totally stand corrected: you absolutely can hear Ned on 2-18-71. It’s the previous two shows he sat in on, Nov. 5th and 8th, 1970 (the “Dark Star” on both nights) that you can’t hear him.

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