March the motherfucking 16th, 1973, brohams!  And how about a little Phil-led monster-under-the-bed Playin’ jam followed by a ripping Promised Land INTO Bertha. Into? INTO! Fuckin’ into, man.

Is there any more into? YES! Bertha INTO Greatest Story. Is Keith killing it? YES!

This show is positively slathered in YES: they’re hyped up on the stage and in the crowd; say what you will about Long Island, it’s not shy. The boys are just Billypunching shit all over the fuck and THEN AT 3:30 IN STORY, THEY TEASE ST. STEPHEN.

And even here in Long Island, a foul and loathsome squat of fecal matter and cultural decline: the intro from Uncle Bill himself, and Uncle Bill wasn’t just the best at what he did, he was the only one who did what he did. Mostly because he had muscled most of his competitors out of the business.

Why are you here? Go to there; listen; relax; enjoy; fondle; adjust; refondle. Mostly listen.