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Grouchy Bear


Hey, Garcia.

“Hey, buddy.”

You look smelly.

“Fuck off.”

I know it’s years before you started smelling, but this picture makes you look smelly.

“Fuck off.”


  1. Who’s the guy side-eying Garcia? Can’t tell on my phone.

  2. What year even is this? There seem to be conflicting clues. Considering the banjo it has to be Old and In The Way, right? But Garcia does look so much sweatier and more ragged than he ever did in that era, unless playing bluegrass really brought out the stank for him, even then.

    • I think he’s young and in Old and In the Way, but this is just peak stank.

      • Fun fact: unlike peak oil, the point after which the global extraction of oil will begin to decline, Garcia peak stank in 1973 paled in comparison to the massive untapped stank reserves that would be unleashed on the world (or at least Parrish) beginning in 1980 or so.

  3. Did he have all that grey in his beard in 1973? Or is that confectioner’s sugar?

    • Garcia’s grey didn’t come in that way. No human’s grey comes in that way.

      I believe your hypothesis about confectioner’s sugar might be correct.

      Weird how much of that stuff they went through.

  4. That looks like P. Rowan’s D-28 to me.

  5. That looks like Peter Rowan, alright, Jerry looks to ‘present’ for it to be much later than ’73-’74. Also, glasses are that era, too.

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