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Groups Donald Trump Wants Banned From America

  • Muslims.
  • Mexicans.
  • People from countries that are not technically Mexico, but are kinda Mexico.
  • You know who I mean.
  • Brazilians, because Donald Trump isn’t falling for that “we speak Portuguese” shit.
  • Latvians (Personal reasons.)
  • Latverians. (Might be Doom-bots in disguise.)
  • Layabouts.
  • Roustabouts.
  • The bi-curious.
  • Weird-looking fuckers.
  • If you are an American and go to a Muslim country and stay there for more than eight days, then you cannot come back.
  • Better safe than sorry.
  • Donald Trump also feels losers, dummies, and fat broads should not be allowed into America.
  • Gypsies.
  • Tramps.
  • Thieves.
  • Half-breeds.
  • Dark ladies.
  • Why don’t we just say that everyone that Cher sang about will not be allowed in any longer, and deport Gregg Allman just to be sure.
  • Again: better safe than sorry.
  • Tongans.
  • Formosans.
  • Madagascarites.
  • Zanzibarbarians.
  • Liverpudlians.
  • Sidneysiders.
  • I cannot overstate how much better it is to be safe than it is to be sorry.
  • Time travelers.
  • Abandoned Gods.
  • Sentient sound systems.
  • Naiads
  • Dryads.
  • Two foreign children in a trenchcoat pretending to be one foreign man must not be allowed in the country.
  • That probably should have been a rule already, honestly.
  • If you are a foreign cop investigating a case and plan to come to America and get partnered up with a fast-talking black cop and cause a lot of property damage, think again.
  • The poor.
  • The huddled.
  • Parasites coming here to breathe our air.
  • For free, no less.
  • I say it’s better to be safe than sorry.


  1. What about San Lorenzans?

    Only if they’re not Bokononists?

  2. Donald Trump grimaces while a cogent thought tries to form…

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