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For most of my life, the male v-neck was a non-starter. That cut of shirt was for undershirts only: the only place you saw them was on older men trying to keep their pits unstained until at least lunch, and you only saw its silhouette under a light-colored button down. V-necks were beyond a “don’t,” more like a “can’t” as they weren’t even available.

My friend Matt once tried to save a couple bucks at the Van Halen  concert. While I had ponied up 30 bucks for an official high-quality piece of legitimate intellectual property, he waited until after the show and bought a bootleg shirt from a guy in lot. As we walked away, he unfolded the shirt and held it up.


Matt tried to get his money back, but it turns out that guys using shopping carts as storefronts in the parking lot of a hockey arena have fairly draconian return policies.

Now you see them everywhere. Man’s fashion is cyclical and having gone through enormous, droopy jeans and stovepipe-thin skinny jeans, we’ll probably be back at bell-bottoms or acid-washed soon. Everything changes; nothing lasts.

Bobby, however, will still be the only one wearing those fucking manpris.

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  1. Right up there with the knickers he wore on Saturday Night Live. Fortunately, he ‘totally redeemed himself’ by wearing bunny ears next appearance.

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