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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Hammer, Not Of The Gods

This is not a fib, Enthusiasts: I now speak the whole truth, though it saddens and shames me.

If you don’t have a bottle-opener and have to McGyver your way into your Orange Crush, there is no need to even look at a hammer.

Christ, I wish I were lying about this.


  1. That’s a serious Orange Crush jones.

    • Dude, Orange Crush in a glass bottle is a treat with few rivals.

      • I’m a Coca-Cola guy but I understand perfectly: 16oz glass bottle, cane sugar, from the Mexican food truck if at all possible. Not the Brooklyn Bridge Park food trucks (OMG WE PUT WASABI ON A HOT DOG ‘CAUSE HIPSTERS) but the ones that serve construction sites where you get five pounds of carne asada in a tortilla for $4.

  2. Only to be out-done by The Mighty Orange Crush Float, with really good French Vanilla ice cream.

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