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Hand: Full Of Joints

IMG_1970Hey, Bobby.

“Oh, hi.”

You hear about Jeff Chimenti?

“Yeah, yeah. I was worried about him for a while.”


“Sure. You don’t get your dope back, y’know? He could have had no weed until, you know, the show that night or whatever. Hours without doobies, maybe even the whole afternoon.”

That is rough.

“Right? The man’s a Grateful Dead, for fuck’s sake: at least give him a handful of joints to make it until dinnertime.”

“Of course, we had to let him go. No room for that in Dead & Company.”

Of course. Who’s on keyboards now?

“Curly-haired guy from Bon Jovi.”




  1. Sir Luther Von Baconson

    August 10, 2015 at 6:35 pm

    hologram Paul Revere on keys

  2. Bail was posted by a mysterious robotic-looking man who signed the documents “Wally”.

  3. Wait they didn’t actually let him go right

  4. Viv Savage might be available.

    • “Have a good time awl the time!”

      Keyboardist left Aftertaste to join Tap in 1975 in time for “Bent for the Rent” tour. Replaced Ross MacLochness, who left for Namibia to do missionary work. Savage, who had only a half-vote in the band, was later reportedly killed by a natural gas explosion while visiting the Hampstead grave of drummer Mick Shrimpton. Replaced by C.J. Vanston for “Break Like the Wind” tour in 1992. Although Savage’s death was initially a mystery, Derek told a reporter the explosion had been caused by swamp gas and that Savage had been a drummer until the age of 15 without Tap’s knowledge. Derek: “If we’d known that, we never would have hired him.”

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