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Happy Billy

billy happy kids

Hey, Billy.

“ASS!” How you, man!?”

Good. You look happy.

“Fun, man. Show wasn’t supposed to happen, and then it does; place fills up, and these are some good kids I got playing, man.”

They’re motherfuckers.

“After I’ve had my turn, yeah.”

Ew. Anyway: great show. Gonna go party?”

“Yeah. Just one thing first. Hey, Benj!”

“Yeah, Bill?”



Did you just cut Benjy’s head off with a samurai sword?

“Called a Katana.”

He worked so hard!

“Gotta keep him humble.”

Makes sense.

“Who’s got the beer!?”


  1. i had another dream billy made out with me it was terrible but i loved it because it was young billy in the 60s lol ;-;

  2. Keith Richards has some hotakes on the Dead in new interview in Billboard Magazine.

    When I ask him if The Grateful Dead’s three farewell shows during July 4 weekend, which grossed an astonishing $55 million, fired up his competitive juices, the answer is apparently yes, though not because of anything to do with money. “The Grateful Dead is where everybody got it wrong,” he scoffs. “Just poodling about for hours and hours. Jerry Garcia, boring shit, man. Sorry, Jerry.”

  3. hey TotD, I,d love a running commentary on this vid. Funk aint racia, yo…

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