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Happy Birthday, Miles Davis

don cheadle miles

Happy birthday, Miles. How old are–

“Motherfucker, I’ll put my thousand-dollar shoe up your Jew ass.”

miles davis medal


“Sorry, what?”

Sorry, Mr. Davis.

“Better. Who you again? You the new white friend they made up for me?”

I’m a real person.

“Dumb fucking movie. I’m hanging out with fictional white people. How about a cartoon dog that talks? Long as you’re gonna start making shit up, make everything up. What about I fight off an alien invasion with a trumpet that shoots death rays?”

I’d see that.

“Shit, I might, too. Miles Davis and a talking dog saving the world with kung fu? Hell, yeah.”

There’s kung fu in it?

“Why the fuck not?”

You truly are a genius.


  1. Luther Von Baconson

    May 26, 2016 at 3:37 pm

    roundball action, competition

  2. I’m in

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