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Has Anyone Seen That Confounded Burbridge?

Two things you should know about Oteil Burbridge. Well, one thing about him and one about me in relationship to him.

  1. I was gonna start giving him fake names like Trey and the first one I came up with was “Othello” and Mr. Burbridge will not be getting any fake names. (Also, one you get past “otolaryngial” and “otter,” very few words start with the letters “O-T”.
  2.  The Dead group-chat. Here, Oteil tells us that the The Surviving Members of the Dead Who Are Not Mrs. Donna Jean And Also Now Not Phil are looking forward to Halloween.

Holy crap! I can’t even imagine what a freak show it’s gonna be. It’s gonna be epic. I was laughing my head off today at the band’s ongoing group texts about what costumes they wanted to wear. Too funny!

I need screenshots of those texts or I’m going to start making things up.



  1. dude just gave you weeks (months) of (fake) material
    jackpot brah

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