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Have You Heard The News?

As TotD predicted, there will be both Pay-Per-View and webcast feeds of both the Farewell Shoes in Chicago and Fare Thee Medium Well in Santa Clara, which is just a hop, skip, jump, and two-hour care ride from San Francisco.

Could you link to the post in which you made this prediction?

Shut up.

Thought so.

Bill Walton and a guy named Steve are doing the play-by-play and color because concerts need announcers, apparently; plus, Bill was gonna be there anyway. Give him a job in the booth and no one has to stand behind him. Good thinking.

Steve Liesman. He won a Pulitzer.

Was the Pulitzer in being a Deadhead? Achievement in the Field of Enthusiasm?


Then, it’s not all that relevant, is it? Tyne Daly won a Tony: let’s have her do the color commentary.

What was the Pulitzer for?

Coverage of the Russian financial crisis of 2009.

Oh, I hope he talks over Brown-Eyed Women to give us some insight on the slow march towards death of the ruble at the lash of the billionaire criminal class.

He probably won’t do that.

Walton might.

Walton might do just about anything, man. That’s man’s out of two things: shit left in him to operate on, and fucks.


  1. Dada made wodka and made it ballin’/ cost five rubles and burned like Stalin

  2. Fuckn’-A-right! Good work!

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