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He Dresses Like A Grateful Dead…

IMG_1540“I’m sorry, Josh Mailer.”

“John Mayer.”

“You know I wanted you to be a Grateful Dead.”

“I had business cards made, Bobby.”

“What can I tell you, man: turns out a half-assed semi-supergroup can’t sell out two nights at a football stadium.”

“I updated my Facebook status.”

“Can’t help ya. I’m sure Taylor Swift will comfort you.”

“Oh, no: that was forever ago. I’m dating Katy Perry now.”

“Huh: you were having sex with Taylor Swift; now you have sex with Katy Perry.”


“So, you should probably stop being such a little bitch, huh?”

“You might have a point, Bob.”

“Taylor just lay there?”

“Like a frightened starfish.”

“Katy looks like fun.”

“Fun girl, yes. Lot of fun.”

“Yup, yup. Looks fun.”

“Fun times.”

“Big boobies.”

“Yeah, I love touching them.”

“Oh, I would touch them all the time.”

Excuse me, please: what the shit is this fuckery?

“We’re talking about Katy Perry.”

“And her boobies.”

Bobby, did you share your pills with John Mayer again?


“I brought my own.”

“He brought his own.”

Y’know what: Team Phil. Your wild card shenanigans are going to fuck up the shows, Bobby.

“Aw, geez.”


  1. Sir Luther Van Baconson

    April 21, 2015 at 6:41 pm

    they out in Livermore, Dick Carter’s Altamont Speedway….doin’ some re-enactment or something? is that Mel Belli’s shoulder?

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