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He Who Grew Up Tall And Proud In The Shadow Of The Mushroom Cloud

Freddie Mercury died today, or yesterday, but not today or yesterday; a long time ago. You understand me.

Hindsight is Cassandra’s evil twin: he shows up after the disaster to tell everyone what they already know. This is to say that Freddie should not have defined “fun” how he did, and certainly not when he did. The “when” is probably more important. A lot of people shouldn’t have done a lot of the stuff they did, but those fuckers couldn’t sing like Freddie could.


  1. It wasn’t just his singing. It was his presence, and the way he commanded the stage. Just look at those Live Aid videos. He positively OWNED the stage, without any hesitation, sign of shyness or stage fright in front of an absolutely monstrous crowd. It was HIS stage, and you were in his world. I love watching those videos for that reason possibly above all others. I’m not even an actual fan of Queen, but I love Freddie. I show those videos to my nine year old daughter, so she can see what profound talent was like, as most, if not all of the music of her generation lacks what artists such as Freddie Mercury had.

  2. He died a year before AID’s cases where to peak here in the USA.

    We could have done better with that health crisis.

    You look at the curve of deaths that peaks in 94 or so, and you know we could have brought that down earlier.

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