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Head & Company

deadandco atlanta onstage

Hey, Dead & Company.

“Oh, hey. Hi.”




“How are ya?”

“I’m still in the band! I’m off to the right, I swear!”

Hey, Jeff. So: big raves for the show last night, guys. Everybody’s loving it. Great job.

“Well, you know…when you follow your bliss, the hosannas–if you will–come, um, you know: rolling in.”

“I’ve been soloing since October!”

“Please tell these people to stop calling me Branford.”

“Checks cashed!”


“I haven’t been arrested in months!”

Good work, Jeff.

“Glad you showed up, actually. Wanted, um, wanted to ask ya something. Here’s the thing: this guy showed up and we figured it had something to do with you.”

Was he from Texas?

“Oh, yeah.”


roy head black nudie suit
You can’t be here.




  1. Truly, a mighty mountain of a man

  2. He kinda bears a passing resemblance to the late great Country Dick Montana.
    Can you imagine Bill Graham going mano-to-mano, crotch-horn to crotch-horn with Mr Head?

  3. Ride em Jewboy

    Also, is D Sahm studio picking with the boys and Roy covering Sahm the fewest degrees of separation between RH and GD that we can scare up? Please tell me that Billy sat in on one of Roy’s early cuts. Or maybe that he ended his Kickass Texas ’70s selling black beauties from a barstool at Manor Downs.

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