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Can someone give me a hand? I can neither post nor upload photos any longer; this is three days now. I don’t know how to fix it, and WordPress has no tech support



  1. Also noticed in last few days that many old posts don’t show pictures.

  2. this is only a test

  3. Not to be a smart ass but I suspect that the ghost of Hal Kant is somehow involved.

  4. Do you have a free WordPress account, or do you pay for extra storage? There’s a storage limit on the former, and when you hit it, they don’t tell you . . . they just stop accepting new stuff. There’s a $99/year upgrade to basic WordPress blogs that allows you to upload a variety of things that you can’t in the freebie version, and gives you much more storage space. From the administrator dashboard, if you go to Store > Manage Purchases, it should show you if you have the premium space authorized.

    • BTW: 2/5/78 (Cedar Falls) “Store > Manage Purchases” is the best one evar, for the record.

      The $99 bundle gives you domain mapping (which I know you have), 10 GB storage, and removes unwanted ads from your site (I use a blocker, so I don’t know if you have those or not).

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