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Help On The Way?

So: once again, I throw myself on the competence of the Enthusiasts.

Someone throw the official version of the show up on YouTube under a goofy name or make it private or whatever. Lemme know at and we’ll do 7/4/15 tonight.

Okay, lawyers? (Most probably the intern.) No one will know and we’ll erase it by midnight EST. (Or is it EDT? Fuck, I hate the arbitrary and somehow-political nature of timekeeping.)

Thank you.



    Truly the best mix I have heard of the shows. No video, but hey it’s about the music ain’t it? Seriously, really great.

  2. I am not too proud to watch random fans YouTube clips from shows. Did you see the one with Bill Walton making a appearance dancing by? There is one out there of Throwing stones that is like being there.

  3. tx, totd!


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