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Earlier, I posted that oral history of the Dead in Austin; it goes on about Manor Downs, and one of those very shows got into the 30 Trips box: 7/31/82. I can’t link to the new mix, but this one is a Charlie Miller SBD with a bunch of good reviews, so it can’t suck.

Also from the oral history, here are two pictures of the Dead in Austin. They’re from–I think–the ’71 shows captured on the Road Trip release, and feature a terrible idea: see if you can spot it in this group shot.

band young austin bw
Did you spot the terrible idea? You have to enlarge the picture, so luckily there’s a better shot.

jerry strat numbers bw
Even if you’ve taken only a little tiny bit of acid, those numbers are going to start meaning shit. That will become distracting.


  1. That is some full muppetry if I’ve ever seen it. In the first one Garcia kind of looks like a preview of himself in 82 or so, with a lot of forehead and beard and head pointed toward the ground.

  2. ha ha ha i was gonna say big steve glowering in the background!

  3. Jerry is not wearing the same shirt in these photos (different show?) and I never saw fret numbers on his guitar before ever. I’m calling this photoshopped.

  4. There you go. That might even be the photo that TOTD cropped for his home page? Nudie suit?

  5. Seems like dozin is missing at least a two.
    This brown strat here with the fretboard numbers and the sunburst / maple fingerboard strat (57?) seen at the Veneta 72 show. I learn more from this blog than I ever did in school.

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