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Herding Cats Under The Stars


The other way, Garcia.

“Which way?”

Rotate to your left about 140 degrees.

“Wouldn’t that make it way too hot in here?”

Bobby, don’t help.

“This way, Jer!”

No, no. Don’t listen to Phil. Turn towards the crowd. The way Bobby is facing.

“Are you talking to me?”

DON’T TURN AROUNDoh goddammit.


  1. Honestly, I love everything about this. It’s my favorite sort of mess.

    • I mean…there are a lot things that went well here. Donna’s silhouette is stunning, Bobby’s hair is great, as is his rear, and Garcia took the time to snap up like 8-9 snaps. On the other hand…their pants are all an inch or so too short, their boots are curling up at the toes, and Garcia did ALL the snaps. Perfect storm.

  2. I would have expected this to say..

    Did you dose Garcia?
    I dosed Garcia,

    someone check on Garcia.

    Is he onstage?

    Does he know he is onstage?
    Apparently not

    Is he playing some serious mind melting solos?

    alright then, relax

  3. What year is this? I thought Jerry played the strat only in ’71-’72, but this appears to be later.

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