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Here Be Tiger

bobby jerry bill graham backstage

Before descending into the Caves of N’st, where love stumbles and reason goes to lunch and doesn’t tell anyone in the office where it’s going, Bobby and Garcia and Bill Graham would bullshit for a little while.

p.s. Look at this photo: the guy taking it was a good hike away, but Bobby’s using his laser eyes on him. Bobby’s like a bird of prey when it comes to spotting cameras.


  1. Wow, haven’t seen Bobbo’s, uh… Equestrian Dandy? outfit in a while. Guitars and hair say this is 76-77. It’s back for SNL at the end of ’78. I hope he’s still got it and wears it around MV once in a while.

    • I hate to correct a Respected Enthusiast and Esteemed Commenter, but I believe you’re conflating two of Bobby’s looks.

      This is Johnny Baseball: notice the stirrup socks. Bobby’s totally wearing his fucking uniform from the Tamalpais Chiefs softball team. And I think this is the Day on the Green of 1976, from the Dick’s Pick.

      And then there’s Bobby Jockey of Rock outift from the SNL performance in ’78. (Which IO cant find pics of, weirdly enough…)

      • Well, shit. You’re right, of course: Baseball Bobby is not nearly so argyled as Polo Bob.

        You’ll have to forgive me. Even the present events are conflagrated for me sometimes.

        Huh? Not how that word works? That’s not even the word? Hey, YOU’RE conflated, man!

        I still wanna believe he’s worn that thing (either one of them) on a stroll down to Baskin-Robbins sometime in the last decade.

  2. Also, it’s another piece of evidence to show that Mickey grew up to be Bill Graham. Notice how you’ll never see Bill Graham and 21st Century Mickey in the same place.

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