What is this, now?

“You been watching Daredevil?”


“No, no: just messin’ with ya. I am not a blind superhero.”

I know that, Bobby.

“Couldn’t be a superhero in Marin, anyway. Things are far away from each other.”

You could drive. Batman drives.

“Batman sucks. Rich guy punching people. I’m rich, and I haven’t punched anyone in years. And, you know: it wasn’t a nightly hobby.”


“I didn’t have a special punching suit. That’s all that Batsuit is: his fancy punching outfit.”

You could wear a Bobsuit.


What’s a Utility Belt but a spread-out fanny pack?

“Despite the best efforts of my family to steal them from me, I still have a few fanny packs.”

What about a Batcave?

“Got the studio.”

Close enough. You could get Josh Meyers to dress up like Robin.

“That’s not saying much. Kid loves a costume. Besides, I don’t wanna be Batman.”

Who do you wanna be?

“I’m, uh, you know: I’m fine with being Bob.”


“Served me pretty well so far.”

Yup. So: what’s with the sunglasses?

“I get ’em for free if I take a picture with ’em on.”

Being famous sounds great.

“Like 95% of the time, yeah. Would not trade it. So many people smiling at you and giving you things.”

Not bad. Wait: with the glasses, you could be Cyclops.

“The guy from the X-Men?”


“He sucks, too.”

He does, yeah.