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Here Comes That Dangerous Man

Yes, it’s an AUD from 1980 (which is an underrated year), but the selling point from this recording of 6/8/80 at Folsom Field in Boulder, CO, isn’t the Dead: I haven’t listened to the Dead’s sets. The fun here, Enthusiasts, is the three songs tagged onto the end of the recording from that day’s opening act, Warren Zevon. Does he kiss up to the Dead during Werewolves? You know he does. Check out this recommendation from West Coast Promotion Man, Mr. Completely, and go strike up the band.

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  1. This was my first Dead show. I was 14 and made a gallon worth of screwdrivers from my parent’s liquor cabinet. I was beyond blitzed by the end of the show(well actually by the middle of Zevon’s set). This was supposedly the 15th Anniversary show of the band’s founding(at least that is how I remember it being billed as). At the time I was more into the Sex Pistols & Stooges, so I went to where the used record stores were after the show and scored The VU’s White Light White Heat & Capt Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica. I loved Lester Bangs so it seemed appropriate to buy these in Boulder. This day changed my life forever.

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