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He’s The One They Call Doctor Feelgood

trump doctor

Hey, Doctor Harold Bornstein, author of that absurd note on Donald Trump’s health. Whatcha doing?

“Heeeey, man.”

Goddammit, Soup.

“What do you think I do between tours, man?”

You’re a doctor?

“Yeah, man.”

A doctor for people?

“Only rich people, but yeah, man.

And you’re Donald Trump’s physician?

“I can’t talk about my patients, man. But, yeah, I am.”

Do you have any explanation for that letter?

“I was fuckin’ around, man.”


“And there might be a reality show or something in it. You got Andy Cohen’s number, man?”

Sure. How’s your prescribing hand feeling?

“You need something, man?”

Need? No.

“Same difference. Plus I got a closet full of samples, man.”

This is turning out better than one would have thought.

“I’m Dr. Soup, man.”

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  1. dr. Soup gotz some nice fkn hair … juss sayin

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