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Hey Hockey Way

bobby hockey jersey

Call a spade a spade: Bobby’s an anthem whore. Give him a ride to the game, a free jersey, and a happy fat guy, and Bobby will America the fuck out of the place.

In this photo, we see Bobby about to harmonize about freedom before a San Francisco Bulls game. If you are wondering why you’ve never heard of the SF Bulls, consider that they played in the ECHL, which stands for East Coast Hockey League. That should tell you something. Was there actual hockey played? I’m picturing a bunch of guys in street shoes sliding on shitty ice and hitting each other with broomsticks. (I would go see that sport.)

Also, this post very nearly got titled “Greatest Score He Ever Goaled” so I think you all owe me a thank you for hitting the big red button on that one.

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  1. “G.S.H.E.G.” is a gem, of a peach, of a puck up.

    “Ooooh. That’s a Bingo! How fun!”

    “Ya’ jest say: ‘Bingo’.”

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