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Hi, I’m Bobby

There’s this new tumblr I like, Phil is weird, I think that’s the name. Funny pictures of Phil and funny captions and Phil is exceedingly goofy, just all the time and I haven’t seen most of these pictures: this Tumblr guy is a Google ninja and I salute him (or her, but let’s be honest, him.)*

Are you shitting me? When you saw the site, you sulked for an hour, muttering darkly, “Somebody’s being funny about the Dead on the internet: that’s MY thing, I invented that.” You whined like a kicked kitten.

None of that is true.

And then you stole all the pictures you could and reposted them on your little site, didn’t you?

I did that. Yes, I did.

But Phil’s just an amateur, man.

* It’s a lady. A pretty, pretty–

I’m warning you, buddy.

–lady. I’ve already planned our Wedding. The groomsmen have to wear Bobby shorts, then the Best Man locks himself in the upstairs bathroom for three hours.


  1. her. 🙂
    glad you enjoyed. you’re the coolest cat around.

  2. please get married to the pretty lady, i’ve been plannin y’alls weddin since i watched your discovery of her unfold via tumblr. /her linking to you is the best thing to happen to me on that there website

  3. david notliemouz

    August 29, 2014 at 7:26 pm

    !!!!!! two whole years ago? damn. whatever happened to those two (the ladies, not the years. that i’m ok with not knowing.)

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