There’s a new Rolling Stone article about The Phishes up; it’s got all sorts of interesting tidbits and whatnot and somesuch, plus the not-particularly-flattering illustration above. I know you’re busy, so here are the salient points:

  • No member of Phish has ever eaten a tangerine.
  • Jon Fishman lives in a fortified bunker within sight of the Canadian border with his 19 children.
  • Currently all putting up with each other, which is a lot better than the interpersonal relationships of nearly any other band together as long. (Putting up with each other is pretty good: most bands hate each other, or tolerate each other for short periods of time. Phish has been around for 30 years, so anything other than a ongoing four-way lawsuit and numerous fistfights and Twitter beefs is a win.)
  • Trey’s one of those guys that replaced doing drugs with getting up too early; lot of guys do that, and then they end up playing golf because there’s nothing else to do at that hour.
  • During the recording of Big Boat, producer Bob Ezrin fucked with Mike Gordon so much that Mike developed an eye twitch like Herbert Lom in the Pink Panther movies.
  • This guy:
  • dreyfus-eye-twitch-o
  • That guy.
  • I can’t see Bob Ezrin pulling that bullshit on KISS or Lou Reed: none of those men can be out-assholed.
  • In Bob Ezrin’s defense, Mike was pushing real hard for the band to cover Lump by The Presidents of the United States of America.
  • Page enjoys tennis, by which I mean setting up the machine in the backyard and laughing at the PHLOOMP sound the balls make when they come out.
  • Then he gathers up the tennis balls.
  • Reloads the machine.
  • He’ll do it all day if it doesn’t rain.
  • Fishman is addicted to flakka, but it’s a functional addiction.
  • The Phishes have decided, quite reasonably and thoughtfully, to no longer criticize one another’s playing; the Grateful Dead made the same decision once, and they made it almost three whole songs before everyone resumed bitching at each other.
  • Seriously, that artist is not a fan of Phish, plus he traced those faces from images that pop up in the first row of Google results for searching their names.