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Hill, Airy

This is the worst OKCupid picture I’ve ever seen.

“Shut it, jackass.”

I think the guy to your left is wearing a disguise.

“No, that’s just what he looks like.”

Why does Grahame have to stand all the way over there?

“He knows why.”


“Gonna replace him with Baby Levon the second I can.”

Sure. Phil?


Are you sure about this?

“The customers love it.”

Yeah, but last year you went insane.

“And now I’m back. Besides, I solved the problem.”

Which was that numerous people were pooping on the bocce courts.

“Won’t happen again.”

You sound sure.


Oh, fuck.

“They’re not lethal unless you’re reeeeally small.”

Like a child?

“Children don’t play bocce.”

No, but they play in sandboxes.

“My plan may have a flaw.”

Little bit.

“I need to get off this fucking hill. Grahame, carry your father down the hill.”

“Aw, Daaaaad.”




  1. Luther Von Baconson

    August 20, 2017 at 2:12 pm

    has Phil made a pact with the Devil? he just keeps getting sexier.

  2. i think it’s because of his choices in posing partners.

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