Is Brent in there?

“He is, yes. So lucky to have him here supporting me.”

He can’t be here, Bill Walton.

“Did you know that the caterpillar doesn’t turn into a butterfly? Not directly, I mean. Caterpillar dissolves. Just goo. Then it reassembles itself into an entirely new creature.”

What does that have to do with anything?

“Brent wore a butterfly costume sometimes.”


“But he broke a wing at one of his furry orgies and that was it for that. I tried out the sexual cosplay once or twice. Didn’t work out.”

What happened?

“The only costume they had in my size was Godzilla, and the orgy had several Japanese participants. Things occurred.”

Sure. You said you did it twice?

“Second time was no better, if I’m honest. King Kong suit this time, but I may have taken too many mushrooms and gotten too into character.”

How so?

“I snatched up a white lady and jumped out the window.”

That’ll do it.

“So I just went back to having sex the way Coach Wooden taught me.”

Please tell me that’s not in the book.

“It is, along with diagrams.”


“It’s all in the footwork.”