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Hoist That Flag

bobby pirate family

“Damn and blast ye HIDES, ya landlubbin’ scoundrels!”

“It’s such an honor to meet you, Bob. We’re all such huge fans of everything you’ve–”

“YAAAAAAR, a prize lance of scuppers thou be, with some for it lack a booboo day MUCH THUSLY!”

“–ever done and…um, are you having a stroke?”

“Of no use to me the man is, ‘cept for what that crew of scurvy dogs of mine might do to his soft, fat ass.”

“Hey now. No need for that kind of talk.”

“The women and children: are they of the purest White? No Welsh in there now? It affects their price, y’see.”

“Come to me, kids. Don’t talk to the pirate man.”


“That doesn’t even make any sense, Bob.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“You all right, big guy?”

“Long tour, brother.”


  1. Is it possible that Bobby owns just three shirts, or is this a Steve Jobs situation where he’s got closets full of blue exercise, puffy, and snake shirts with the arms cut off?

    • Well, the ratty Izods and jeans always made sense in context of Bobby being a bit of a boarding school kid at heart, and it has always been the fashion of the boarding school kid to wear ratty-ass shit until it falls apart to prove how much momey you have or something.

      The snake thing and the puffy shirt are beyond me.

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