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Hold That Tiger

Meanwhile back at TXR, the other side of this semi-dysfunctional, choogly-type family is up to all sorts of shenanigans. Phil and his Phriends are playing a show from 1987. TotD has, through careful sleuthing–

You googled it.

–determined that the show is 9/18/87 from Madison Square Garden, which was released as part of the 30 Trips set, but is also available as a Healy UltraMatrix; someone better-informed than TotD can fill us all in as to what precisely an UltraMatrix is in the Comment Section, but whatever their makeup, the sound is unique and maybe you’ll like it, and maybe you won’t.

But there’s more, Enthusiasts: Jim Irsay got all pilled up and sent Tiger on a field trip; it’s been wandering around the Bay Area like the Stanley Cup and I’m expecting to see Tweeted pictures of rando babies napping on it. Perhaps it will be taken to inner-city schools to inspire poor children. Will the lame be permitted to lay their twisted flesh upon it, that they may be healed?

Tiger has made friends with baseball pitchers:


And reunited with the Lesh family:


Phil got in on the action, too:

Portable Network Graphics image-BFAB049300CF-1

And then Phil handed Tiger into the audience, where it was passed from Deadhead to Deadhead; everyone got a turn.

As usual, though, TotD has a member of the Haight Street Irregulars in the audience (if we’re honest, he’s a full-fledged FoTotD) and he sent along this sweet shot of Phil and Grahame:


Fun fact: that is Kidd Candelario’s head in the foreground.

Less fun fact: from the angle of this shot, TXR needs to step up security. Maybe some velvet ropes, or give the busboys truncheons; I don’t know; I’m not a restaurateur.

Funnish fact: a silent letter is written but not pronounced; the “n” that is pronounced but not written in the word “restaurateur”is the opposite of a silent letter. (See also: the second “r” in “sherbet.”)


  1. healy had a mic on a gizmo that moved around behind the mixing desk at shows from late ’86 until … can’t remember. for a couple years, anyway. initially its purpose was simply to measure the room’s ambience when full of deadheads. then, at some point, he decided to mix some of the signal from that mic into his recordings. that, to the best of my understanding, is the ultramatrix.

  2. That article mentions that they are trying to get Josh Meyers to play Tiger.

    I have made my peace with Josh Meyers and even enjoyed Dead and Co. at the Forum and will probably go see them at Irvine Meadows, but goddamn I don’t want to see him playing Tiger or Wolf.

  3. Luther Von Baconson

    May 25, 2016 at 6:07 pm

    i’m thinking it’s got a good smell. stale pall malls, garlic, squashed raisins, Corn Bugles. or maybe it smells like the inside of a dog’s ear. or a cat come in from the cold. or strippers.

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