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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To


4/16/78, West Virginia. Holy shit, they must have been broke, although it seems like WV would be pretty in the spring. Check out Garcia’s solo in Peggy-O, the way he leads the chord changes. Just listen to Peggy-O: this version is astonishing.

In fact, Garcia has been on fire the entire show and for most of the tour, but sweet Sally in the alley, would someone take that slide from Bobby. For the children, if nothing else.

And then listen real careful to Ship of Fools, where Garcia implores us to “Looky here,” before he tells us how late it was when he got around to believing.

P.S. in the New Orleans tradition, when the body is brought to the church, the Second Line follows, playing traditional funeral dirges. IKO IKO IS NOT ONE OF THEM, GENTLEMEN. Hop to it, guys: you’re killing me.


  1. THANK YOU! The first time I heard this show I was leveled. Solid first set, greatest Peggy-O, couldn’t wait for the meat. That slow Iko killed my groove completely.

    Whatever drugs they took during the break, it wasn’t enough/was way too much.

    • Man, you are going thru the archives like it was you job!

      Thanks. Welcome. Sorry about all the stuff that doesn’t make sense.

      • I’m writing a diss. on funny music, so in one sense it is. Except no one pays me for it. And it costs me tuition.

        Don’t worry, it all makes sense. Even the stuff that contradicts other stuff. That’s the power of this Peggy-O.

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