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The Germans, you see, were monsters. Their leaders all the way down to Gustav and Sabine in the bierhall. Not just volk; they were demons and ghouls and fearful things, every last one of them.

And the Turks, for a little while. Monsters, not men, not women, not scared. Not people who believed the same things everyone else on their block did. Monsters.

Either the Hutus or the Tutsis were complete monsters; I can’t remember which, but they were monsters.

History at a distance resembles nothing more than the study of monsters.

But history doesn’t apply to us. Nothing like that could ever happen here, in America, where we are not monsters.


  1. Historian for living, can confirm.

    Currently writing a chapter on ethic humor and parody in American music. I’ve been studying (essentially) a history of racial thought in America. My major take-away: however bad you thought it was? It’s way worse than you think.

    Anyone curious in understanding one aspect of this (it helps me cope, personally)—there’s an Oxford very short introduction to racism. Short, cheap, rich.

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