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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Hot Child In The City

bobby big new york beard 77

“Hey, man.”

Hey, Bobby. How are the 70’s?

“Treating me damn well, honestly. What are you up to?”


“As opposed to the other times you spent your evenings chatting with fictional characters?”

Yes. And you’re semi-fictional.

“Don’t pin your labels on me, man.”

“Got a task in front of you, huh? Can I tell you what I used to do when songs were due and the only idea I had was that it should contain chords and words?”

If your advice is to invite drunken ranchers and Star Trek actors to the house and do cocaine at one another, then it is not good advice.

“Wow, that was it on the nose.”

“Coffee works.”


  1. Bobby looks ready to sting bribe some politicians with fake Middle Eastern money, and/or extricate some hostages from Iran under the guise of a film shoot.

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