There’s more coming, lots more. More stories about the grabbing, and the pussing, and all that, but what I’m talking about is more audio. There’s more audio.

Trump did The Apprentice from 2004-2015. (Last year. 2015 was last year, and he was a mere television clown, not the despoiler of the republic he’s become. 2016 ruins everything.) 185 episodes, and television takes absolutely forever to make, and 99% of that time the so-called talent just sits there bullshitting. You get your hair, makeup, and wardrobe done in the morning and then you just sit there. Maybe have some locker room banter with the fellows.

While they’re putting your wardrobe on, though, they also attach your microphone. The wires need to be hidden and out of the way, and there’s a battery pack: the whole megilla is attached to you, is the point I’m making. The mic doesn’t come off in between takes, and they’re always hot. They might not be recording, but the sound guy can still hear you loud and clear.

And the sound guy is always recording.

185 episodes of sitting around, bullshitting with Meatloaf and Dennis Rodman. With a hot mic.

There’s more coming, lots more.