3/28/72 is the greatest show the Grateful Dead ever played. I’d link to it, but it’s not on the archive because it’s been released as Dick’s Picks Vol. 30 and if you don’t have it, then…Jesus, what are you doing with your life? Go get it: you know where it is.

Anyway, that’s my story tonight and I’ll stick to or not it depending on a whole lot of things entirely outside my control. It’s a tenuously held belief, though all of my beliefs are tenuously held. Were I to be threatened with any form of violence whatsoever I would instantly believe whatever the bad guy asked me to. The entire gamut of violence is included: direct, with some sort of blunt tool intended for metal and wood; Howardian, with a poke to the eyes; summer camp, with noogies, five fingers, biffs, typewriters, and the dreaded Dead Arm; and emotional, threatening to make me listen to Liberty.

But for now, I stand by it: At the Brooklyn Academy of Music on March 28th, 1972, the Grateful Dead played their finest show. Feel free to disagree, even though you will be wrong.