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How Does The Song Go?

There are few Dead related pleasures more piquant than the moment when Bobby just totally gives up on remembering the words and starts singing, “yuh duh DUH yuh DUH.” Actually, Bobby’s constant memory lapses led to the classic stage configuration: Bobby had to be in the middle so everyone had an equal opportunity to yell at him when he sings Truckin‘ like this:

It’s hilarious. You can almost see Garcia contemplating the whole Mickey and the Hartbeats thing again.

Garcia knew the words, Bobby. Brent and Donna knew the words. Pigpen knew the words even when they weren’t technically words at all. (I refer you to “Box back nitties, Crayfish and mormon mice. Workin undercollar onda mall all night.”) Phil did not know the words.

New contest: has there EVER been a show where Bobby made it through without forgetting where he was? Identify it in the comments and win a year’s supply of Forearm Sweatbands by Mr. Phil of Palo Alto.


  1. Relative non-sequitur:

    Merriwether Post Pavillion, June 1985. Shakedown opens with a sultry female voice saying, “Bobby, Bobby,” repeatedly. Rumor has it Healy was fired for such antics. Also, could you corroborate the assertion you make about summer 1985 being when the band was heavy into MDMA? I like to know stuff like that but never understood where the factual basis was for getting information like that. Was it printed in Dupree’s Diamond News? Or for only the chosen few to know and spread around to the rest of the audience?

    • First off, that’s a monster Shakedown right there. Second, the MDMA thing I maybe read online. Or a booK. Or just made up whole cloth. I have no sources other than the internet, but mostly I just make stuff up.

  2. there is no truckin in the show linked…..

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